Shouldn’t You Have Choices?

You hear people say that life is all about choices

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that in my life

Zig said “Money isn’t everything but it ranks right up there with oxygen”

You can’t deny that money is a fact of life

We have to have it in order to survive

If money is such an important aspect of our lives; why is it something we know so little about?

Not only that, but why is it something that so few are willing to teach?

You have choices that you don’t even know you have simply because you have not been educated on them

There are more ways to manage and grow your money than you have been taught

There are more ways to use money to acquire the things we need or want in our life besides financing and paying cash

If you are reading this you have a choice to make

Either you can ask more questions and become educated on your other choices in life OR you can continue to stay in the dark

We made the choice to become educated and it changed our lives

We want the same for you

What is timing?

Precision timing is vital with an image like this.  This is why timing can be so important

Timing relates to all of us in many different ways

Timing can be as much as an athlete scoring the winning point in a game or a doctor catching a cancer diagnosis before it’s too late

Many people sit around waiting for the right time to budget and plan their financial life.

A budget and a plan do not require precision timing; they require action

Take action today so that 2019 will be your best year yet

Are you seeing everything?

If you have ever been in a plane you know that flying above the clouds can be one of the most glorious sights you will ever experience.

Most people will never see the beauty that remains hidden from their eyes.

This picture reminds me of what financial education can be like.

Those that lack information live below the clouds not knowing the opportunity on the other side.

Financial education teaches you what it looks like to be on top of the clouds

When you are aware of this information you become stronger than the average person

99% of people have no clue what we teach is even possible

We bust money myths through financial education

You can believe the myths or you can profit from the truth

The choice is yours

~Live Unlimited~