About Us

file-1  Hey I’m Nathan Dean (my friends call me Nate).  I’ve been blessed for the last 16 years with a marriage to my best friend (Bri).  Bri is a high school English teacher and cheerleading coach.  She has a huge heart for impacting students and works tirelessly to invest in their lives on top of being a great mom to our kids.  She and I have had the privilege of being called Mommy and Daddy for the past 14 years.  Our two oldest are boys (Bryce and Toby) and then we have our two princesses (Halley and Layla).  I’ve also been blessed with the call on my life to serve the Lord and His people.  After 8 years of youth and music ministry, the Lord called me to serve as senior Pastor of a church.

In addition to my passion for ministry; I have always been fascinated with causes and effects regarding financial matters.  I tell people I was an economics nerd in college.  I enjoyed anything and everything that had to do with economics and finance.  Brandon and I complement each other very well in our business relationship because where he has been very structured in his finances; I have been more of a free spirit.  What’s interesting is with two completely different approaches to our finances; we both came to the conclusion that we were not satisfied with our results.  Brandon and I both felt like our eyes had finally been opened when we read Nelson Nash’s book “Becoming Your Own Banker.”  It still amazes me that it’s possible to satisfy both the “spender” and the “saver” simultaneously by using Infinite Banking.  Partnerships can be scary but when you both have a heart for serving others it makes it easy.  Brandon and I both just want to honor the Lord and be a blessing to others in all that we do.  We love educating others about what Infinite Banking can do for them.  At Unlimited Life Concepts it really is all about you.

Let me show you what makes me so excited about financial education



file  My name is Brandon Goswick and for all of my adult life I have enjoyed learning about the best way to utilize every dollar that comes through my hands.  As a family of six we believed that the best way to do this was eliminating debt as quickly as possible through a strict budget and paying cash for everything.  We had success with this approach, but in the “race” of life, I always felt as if we WOULD cross the finish line (retirement) exasperated and not able to fully enjoy our “golden years”.  That all changed when my good friend (Nathan Dean) and now business partner asked me to read the book “Becoming Your Own Banker” and let him know what I thought.  The concept of Infinite Banking that Nelson Nash teaches in the book blew my mind.  For the better, it challenged almost everything I had ever learned or thought about money.  We now have a clear and hope-filled plan to build healthy generational wealth and leave a lasting legacy.

I am blessed to be on this exciting journey called life with my wife of 11 years, Leah.  She has a heart for people that is unmatched in her profession of nursing.  One of our greatest accomplishments together is our daily opportunity to parent and invest in our daughter Scout, and our three sons; Max, Lincoln, and Winston.

I have had the pleasure of being in public education for the past fourteen years.  I started out as a teacher and coach, and now I am a middle school principal.  Through these past fourteen years I have learned that all meaningful growth of any kind begins with a willingness to have our beliefs challenged while having an open mind that there could possibly be a better way than what we have been doing.  I am thrilled to say that I have yet to interact with anyone about the Infinite Banking Concept that couldn’t greatly benefit from it in numerous ways.

At Unlimited Life Concepts our main goal is investing in genuine relationships.  We believe everything else is second to this goal.

I look forward to getting to work with you